Meet Dr. Sheets


I was born and raised in Jackson and love this town. I graduated high school from Vandercook Lake in 1981. The education I received there readied me for the University of Michigan.  I knew early in my high school career that I wanted to become a dentist and had a job at the dental school my very first day of college.  I worked in the research lab and made contacts that allowed me to enter dental school a year early.  I graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School in 1988 and began practicing soon afterward with Dr. Harry Thomson.  In 1993, I joined Dr. Robert Sayles and practiced on Lansing Avenue until I found a building that could be transformed into a dental office in 1998. Since then we’ve been deliberately transforming and investing the office into what it is today.


What motivates myself, as a dentist, is to treat every patient as though they are a family member.  I strive to give special attention to each patient I see and hope that patients appreciate that care and patience with them.  The most satisfying aspect of dentistry is knowing that our team can change their life.  With modern technology and improved techniques, dental treatment can be done more efficiently and comfortably.  Cerec technology, which allows us to make crowns in a single visit, uses a camera and 3D Cad-Cam technology to develop the restoration. X-ray technology is also transforming. The state awarded my practice a Certificate of Need to use a Dental CT scanner. With this technology, I am placing implants safely.  Who ever thought this could be done, but it is in our office everyday.


I am blessed to be a dentist, but the most important people in my life are my family.  My wife, Kim, is the most special and caring person I know. We’ve been married since 1985 and have 4 great kids.  We have Nicole, Katie, Kristen, and JJ.  Katie has also blessed us, with her husband Bill with our first grandson. Who knew being a grandparent could be so special.


In closing, I’m also dedicated to volunteerism by donating time to numerous community events. I was a long time coach at Western softball, little league, youth football and youth basketball programs. I’m also honored to serve on the Western District School board and have served as president the past four years.  I try to lead by example and being fair to everyone. 

1615 Carlton Blvd., Jackson, MI.  49203
Phone: (517) 787-6776
Fax: (517) 787-2799    

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